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A Glimpse into the Future: 10 Predictions for Smart Metering in the Next Decade - Part Two.


Brave New World:

Uncover 5 More Revolutionary Predictions Set to Disrupt Smart Metering!



The future is here. A Glimpse into the Future: 10 Predictions for Smart Metering in the Next Decade, Part Two guides you into uncharted territory.

This ebook cracks open the door to 5 more unprecedented predictions that will reshape the smart metering landscape.

5 Reasons You Need to Upgrade to Part Two:

  • Go Beyond the Cutting-Edge: Discover pioneering insights into the future of smart metering that you won't find anywhere else.
  • Get the Inside Track: Leverage Avance Metering's unmatched expertise to gain a competitive advantage.
  • See the Future First: Be the first to learn about the next new things like real-time metering and 5G applications.
  • Lead the Pack: Strategize to stay out front of trends, tech, and the competition.
  • Shape a Sustainable World: Learn how smart metering innovations will power energy efficiency.

Take a bold leap into the future. Download Part Two now to explore the uncharted territory that will redefine smart metering.


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With a legacy spanning over a quarter-century, Avance Metering charges ahead with relentless commitment to spearhead the future of smart metering data software

  • Total Utility Management: From electricity to water, heating, cooling and gas, our software solutions elevate smart meter capabilities across any utility.
  • Universal Meter Compatibility: We continuously integrate new meter models from every major brand to future-proof your infrastructure. Plug our solutions into any meter and expand possibilities.
  • Boundless Connectivity: Our robust APIs and custom integrations seamlessly link smart meters with any network technology - from cellular to RF mesh and beyond.
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